Save $100.00 Per Ticket!

Early Bird prices have been extended through June 30th

Orlando, Florida

Caribe Royale Orlando

Nov. 6–10, 2024

Nov. 6–8, (Vendors)

What is HSS?

The Home Services Summit—HSS—is an event held annually for the home services franchising community—especially franchisees. You can expect the following from our event:

  • Hear from experts in home services franchising
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs through networking
  • Learn or sharpen strategies to grow your business

What can I expect?

We aim to provide an engaging event well worth your time & money. You can expect the following at the summit:

  • Expert Panelists and Presenters
  • Engaging and Helpful Sessions  
  • Inspiring Keynote Speaker
  • 600+ Attendees
  • Networking opportunities



A custom link to the hotel booking website will appear immediately after registration is complete on the confirmation page. This link will connect your HSS registration to your hotel reservation to give us the ability to easily track who has booked. Make sure to reserve your hotel room right after registering to avoid difficulty in accessing your custom hotel booking link later.

If you didn't book right after registration, see below.

You can find the right place to book your hotel in two ways:

  1. Confirmation Page
  2. Link in Email

Confirmation Page
Go to the confirmation page (click here) and click the hotel reservation button. If you can't access the page, you are likely logged out—you can login here. Once logged in, click the confirmation link above to go to the confirmation page. Click your custom room reservation button to book your room

Email Link
You will be sent an email shortly after registering to remind you to book your hotel room. This email has a magic link that will take you to your confirmation page—without logging in. Search for the email by looking for the email subject, "Don't Forget to Book Your Hotel". Click the link included in the email which will take you to the confirmation page. Once there, click the hotel reservation button to book your room.

We strongly recommend you book with our hotel partner for the following reasons:

Take Advantage of Special Rates
We worked with the hotel to get discounted rates for you. We negotiated special rates that include discounted rooms, resort fees, and parking fees. We negotiated rooms to $199 a night versus $239, the resort fees to $10 per night versus $35, and parking to $15 a day versus $32. 

Network Opportunities 
Don't you want to be where everyone will be staying? Networking is often said to be the biggest benefit of attending this conference. By staying onsite, you allow yourself more time to rub shoulders with other business owners that have valuable insights to help you grow.

Avoid Additional Travel Costs and Wasted Time
Remember you will incur added costs by renting a car and paying $32 a day (full price) for parking or getting a rideshare everyday. Not to mention you also waste a ton of time. Why not get a rideshare when you arrive and not have to worry about transportation again until the day you depart.

Save On Extra Fees
We charge a $200 fee (only to Five Star franchisees) if you book at a different hotel OR with a different booking link than the one we provide. We charge this fee because we have to guarantee a certain amount of rooms will be purchased or the hotel won't let us book the conference space. The $200 fee is to encourage you to book with the conference hotel to help us meet our guarantee. If we don't meet our obligation to the hotel, we have to cover the difference and will have to increase registration prices in future years—which we don't want to do.

See the FAQ on hotel booking for information on how to book with our hotel partner.

No. You must reserve your hotel room. We negotiated rates  with our partner hotel so your room, parking, and resort fees are heavily discounted. We strongly advise you to book with our hotel partner to take advantage of these rates. See additional benefits at the FAQ: "Why should I book with the conference hotel?"

For information on how to book with our hotel partner see the FAQ: "How do I book my hotel?"

If you are a franchisee or franchisor in home services, this event is for you.

Vendors who work with home service franchise brands are invited to exhibit or sponsor.

Most importantly this event is for franchisees of Five Star brands.

Yes. You can bring anyone from your team that you think could gain value from this event. Be sure to add them to your registration.

Additional people after the first registrant—whether an owner or employee—will have to have their own paid ticket to attend. We discounted the price of the second registrant $250 (only for Five Star franchisees) to encourage attendance. The third registrant and every registrant after that pay the same price as the first registrant. This discount may not be used to register someone from a different franchise location or brand than the one you own.


Tickets are on a per person basis. Additional registrants after the first registrant—whether an owner or employee—will have to have their own paid ticket to attend.

Pricing is broken down into 5 categories:

  1. Five Star Franchisee - Franchisees that are a part of one of the following brands: Bio-One, Card My Yard, Five Star Bath Solutions, Gotcha Covered, Mosquito Shield, or 1-800-Packouts.
  2. Discounted Guest - This is only available for the second person in a registration and only to Five Star Franchisees.
  3. Franchis(or) - Brand management from a franchise brand other than Five Star Franchising.
  4. Franchis(ee) - A franchisee from a franchise brand other than Five Star Franchising.
  5. Vendor -  Sponsors or Exhibitors wishing to participate.

See below for current pricing:

Early Bird: (Ends June 30th)

No discount code needed

Five Star Franchisee - $699
Discounted Guest - $449
Franchis(or) - $749
Franchis(ee) - $749


Five Star Franchisee - $799
Discounted Guest - $549
Franchis(or) - $849
Franchis(ee) - $849

Vendors - See here for pricing

We only offer invoice billing. Five Star Franchising will send an invoice to the email you provide through the platform

You will be sent an invoice around the 15th of the next calendar month from when you register. (For example, whether you register on June 1 or 30 you will be billed on July 15.)

You will have the option to pay by ACH (no fees) or credit card (3% fee.)

Check out the Sponsor & Exhibit page.

If you aren't a vendor, you can register normally.

Wednesday Night Reception – Resort Casual

Thursday & Saturday – Branded Wear / Business Casual
Show off your branded gear! Whether that's a polo, button-up, or even a nice t-shirt.

***Friday*** – Wear your NEW polo given to you at registration

Saturday Night Awards – Business Formal
Women – Short afternoon or cocktail dress | A “little black dress” | Long dressy skirt and top | Dressy separates
Men – Dark business suit | Dark blazer with slacks | Dress shirt | Conservative tie (optional) | Leather dress shoes and dark dress socks

Caribe Royale Hotel: 1-800-238-8300

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